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Choose from our menu of pottery, select your paints and sponges then roll up your sleeves and have a go! Most of our pottery is handmade in England at various of the potteries in Stoke on Trent.

A studio fee of £7.95 is charged per person, per session, to cover all materials (paints, decorating sponges and a short demonstration if needed) plus glazing and firing of all items decorated that session. The studio fee is per person, not per item. The cost of the pottery is then added at the end of the session. To view the prices of our items, select your pottery from our range below! (Please note the 5p in the photos is for scale only – the prices of the pottery items are as listed.)

At the end of your session, you leave your pottery with us to be glazed and fired. You will be quoted a date for collection of your finished item(s) which is normally around 10 days later.